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For over 20 years Centretown Corporate Services has been providing bilingual transcription services to insurance, associations, research and academic organizations, private industry and government.

We make it as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Contact us forTranscription a quote and to discuss your requirements
2. Upload your audio, forward background materials and establish confidentiality agreements, if needed.
3. We send you the transcript!

We provide...

  • Experienced transcription professionals.
  • Quality control - transcriptionists proofread their own work; additionally each transcript is re-proofed by one of our staff to ensure more accuracy and to that inaudibles are truly inaudible
  • Confidentiality - we have confidentiality agreements and will password protect files when requested; we are experience working with clients with a wide variety of security requirements
  • Customizable - let us know the format you want or let us use our judgement and experience
  • Full service - we provide timestamps for inaudibles so you can easily review them; we identify speakers when possible or can use codes to protect participant confidentiality when needed
  • Thorough - we reference materials you provide or use Google to check spelling or confirm words

We bill by the hour, whereas some competitors bill by the page or by the line.  This ensures an accurate quote before we start transcription.